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SavvySheitels.com – the #1 Website for wigs!

Worldwide leaders in the manufacture and sale of Jewish Sheitels (wigs), High Quality Fashion Wigs and Medical Hairpieces as well as Parkhurst hats, scarves and accessories


Supplying thousands of clients with their new hair since 2004 and many keep coming back for more.


Savvy Sheitels is a division of Caring and Comfort LLC, specializing in helping women and children with hair-loss.


They make a line of Custom Virgin European Hair Wigs – called AURA.


AURA Custom Wigs


Custom Wig FactoryAURA Wigs are manufactured in Argentina by a small factory that has been a provider for some of the top wig companies for three generations.


AURA Wigs, from SavvySheitels.com, are comparable to any of the top brands with two exceptions:

  • You can get what you want and spend less
  • You also get personal service before and after you receive your order

    AURA’s wigmaker personally selects the finest kosher certified virgin European hair from Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe and South America. The hair is 100% natural. The wigs are carefully made, one-at-a-time, with close attention to every detail.


    Our Customers Say It Best –


    “AURA European human hair wigs look, feel, and move as natural as your own hair…


    “Savvy Sheitels have so many wonderful wigs in stock, if you can’t wait for a custom order. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, call them. It’s very possible they have one on hand that is not on their website that may be exactly what you are looking for…


    “Don’t order the first wig you see – do your research. But I would never think of going with anyone except Savvy Sheitels.


    It looks and most importantly, FEELS like my own hair (except better!!). It is soft, silky, and luxurious…


    “I am totally pleased… Thank you Savvy Sheitels!”


    – Linda from Washington State


    Caring & Comfort and Savvy Custom Wigs


    We also manufacture a line of top quality fine Mongolian hair wigs (that look and feel like European) in China. Many of our clients prefer these wigs because they look great, are easy to care for and offer good value and saving.


    Get your wig custom made so you can have it just the way you want... or select a custom-out-of-the-box wig in-stock.


    Who is Shira Savvy?


    Chira Dorfman AKA “Shira Savvy”Savvy Sheitels is the brainchild of Chira Dorfman AKA “Shira Savvy”. Chira has been covering her hair for more than 20 years.


    Living in the Midwestern U.S.A., Chira did not have easy access to the traditional wig salons. She now helps many women around the world who cannot get to the salons or don’t want to pay the salon prices.


    “We are like matchmakers trying to find the right fit for each customer… not just the size, but the colors, textures, style and feeling.”


    Our Customers Say It Best –


    “With Savvy Sheitels I got a great price, I got to wear it around the house to test comfort, and to ask my family and friends opinions prior to my ultimate decision (keep or send back). I must say this was my most pleasant experience purchasing a sheitel.” 


    “Shira told me that she wanted me to feel 100% comfortable with it before I decide to keep it. She demonstrated sincerity, honesty and patience, which are qualities hard to find from a wig seller. Thank you so much.”


    “Buying a wig over the Internet is tricky to say the least… These folks help you in any way they can. Plus they have a much better return policy than most places, and that is essential when buying over the Internet. Thanks!!!!!!!”


    Hakaras HaTov (Expressing Appreciation)


    Chira credits her grandfather, Solomon Stone o.b.m., for bequeathing to her his entrepreneurial spirit. From his humble beginnings as a watchmaker in Eastern Europe, he traveled to South Africa, started a mattresses factory and built up his business to become one of the leading furniture companies in the country.


    Chira and her family are grateful to HaShem and all those who have offered their time, assistance, and support to help make Savvy Sheitels a reality.


    View our collections, read our reviews and buy with confidence.






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