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G13DLL Dell


Frame your face with curls! The Dell is a classic. Luxurious Real Human Hair; Plus the Durability...
Sale: $129.00
Save: $110.00 off

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Sold Out

GG - IND500 Indy 500 French Part

Indy 500 French Part

Indy 500 - Mono Silk Part This great wig offers the benefit of a French Mono Silk Side Part....
Sale: $129.00
Save: $161.00 off

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GG - IND501 Indy 501

Indy 501

Indy 501 - Short 'n Curly Fun waves of curls give you for a look of natural innocence. 10-inch...
Sale: $129.00
Save: $110.00 off

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Super Short with body! Luxurious Real Human Hair; Plus the Durability and Manageability of...
$329.00  $129.00
Save: $200.00 off

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GG - ESP66 Espresso


ESPRESSO 100% Human Hair COMFORT, FIT, & QUALITY! You~Man (Human Hair) You know the gleam you...
$379.00  $159.00
Save: $220.00 off

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G11HLN Headline News

Headline News

Georgie Headline News - Updated Bob Human Hair Wig Get the best of both worlds! Luxurious Real...
$239.00  $159.00
Save: $80.00 off

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GG-SHR Sahara #16/10 Dirty Blonde

Sahara #16/10 Dirty Blonde

Fabulous Fakes The fakes with a real feel - these synthetics will thrill as they fluidly enhance...
$270.00  $175.00
Save: $95.00 off

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Sold Out

GG - J100 Jane Mono

Jane Mono

Jane Mono This great wig offers the benefit of a Full Mono Silk Top for ease of parting. Get the...
$339.00  $179.00
Save: $160.00 off

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MX-SRT27CL Maxi Short - Blonde/Light Auburn

Maxi Short - Blonde/Light Auburn

The Maxi Short Overstock Clearance on the Maxi Short in color #27 Light Auburn Blonde only!!!...
$499.00  $249.00
Save: $250.00 off

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YFA-MDS Multi Micro Short

Multi Micro Short

Multi-directional Micro Top This amazing wig is very comfortable and lightweight. It looks totally...
$490.00  $290.00
Save: $200.00 off

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MX-SRT330 Maxi Short

Maxi Short

The Maxi Short The ultimate in remy human hair, Maxi is custom made with a blend of high quality...
$499.00  $344.00
Save: $155.00 off

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MX-BOB330 Maxi Short Bob

Maxi Short Bob

The Maxi Short Bob The ultimate in remy human hair, Maxi's Chin Length Bob is custom made with a...
$520.00  $390.00
Save: $130.00 off

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