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Wig Size Info

Most people are not standard sizes. Odd sizes are very common.
Body type/Dress size is NOT related to Head size. Small boned people may have a large head size and vice versa.
Measuring works best with help from a friend. It takes two.
Use a cloth tape measure to ensure accuracy.
If you still have long hair: press it down flat with a cap, hairnet, or bobby pins.
Measure holding the tape snug, but not tight against the head.
Keep tape flat against your head. Do not allow kinks or twists to develop in the tape.
Measure several times and compare. Consistent measurements are an indication that you are measuring correctly.Try it. You'll see what we mean.
If you need additional help, please contact us.

3 Basic Measurements

Circumference (Around the Head)

Starting at your natural hairline in front, follow your hairline to just above your ear. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, just above your other ear, then around front to where you began.
- Average is about 22 inches
- Natural Hairline should start 4-fingers above you brow-bone (bottom of eyebrow).

Front to Back

Front to Back
Measure from your hairline in front (in the center of your forehead), back over the top of your head, then down to the roots of your hair on the back of your neck (just below the indent where your skull meets your neck).
- Average is about 14 inches

Ear to Ear Over the Top

Ear to Ear
Start in the crease where the ear attaches to your head, bring your tape measure straight up directly over the top of your head and then straight down to the same position at your other ear.
- Average is about 12 inches

Standard Size Chart for Wigs:

1) First look at your Circumference (Around the Head) Measurement. That will determine your Standard Size Range.

2) Then look at the other 2 measurements. If either one is more that 1/4-inch larger or smaller than the your Standard Size Range, you may want to order a Custom Size (at no extra charge). You will need to fill in your 3 measurements on the order form.

Cap Size XL: Extra Large 
Circumference: 24-inches; Front to back: 15.75-inches; Ear to ear: 13.25-inches
Circumference: 61cm; Front to back: 40cm; Ear to ear: 34cm

Cap Size L: Large 
Circumference: 23-inches; Front to back: 15-inches; Ear to ear: 13-inches
Circumference: 58.5cm; Front to back: 38cm; Ear to ear: 33cm

Cap Size M/L: Medium to Large
Circumference: 22.5-inches; Front to back: 14.75-inches; Ear to ear: 12.5-inches
Circumference: 57cm; Front to back: 37.5cm; Ear to ear: 32cm

Cap Size M: Medium (Average) 
Circumference: 22-inches; Front to back: 14.25-inches; Ear to ear: 12.25-inches
Circumference: 56cm; Front to back: 36cm; Ear to ear: 31cm

Cap Size S/M: Small to Medium
Circumference: 21.5-inches; Front to back: 14-inches; Ear to ear: 12-inches
Circumference: 54.5cm; Front to back: 35.5cm; Ear to ear: 30.5cm

Cap Size S: Small 
Circumference: 21.25-inches; Front to back: 13.75-inches; Ear to ear: 11.75-inches
Circumference: 54cm; Front to back: 35cm; Ear to ear: 30cm

Cap Size XS: Extra Small 
Circumference: 20.75-inches; Front to back: 13.25-inches; Ear to ear: 11.5-inches
Circumference: 52.5cm; Front to back: 33.5cm; Ear to ear: 29cm